GA-8SR533 – Valuable Choice of FSB533 Motherboard
Based on SiS 645 Chipset – Extremely Competitive

P4 Titan 533 series, support newest Pentium 4 CPU with FSB 533 MHz
Gigabyte, the worldwide leading motherboard manufacturer, announces its GA-8SR533 as the highly value-oriented motherboard. Enabled by the unique design , GA-8SR533, based on the SIS 645 chipset, is able to support the latest Pentium 4 processor with FSB 533MHz thus providing exceptional excellent performance to the system. GA-8SR533 is indeed the best buy of SiS645-based motherboard.

 SiS MuTIOL® technology
GA-8SR533 applies the SiS MuTIOL® technology to provides 533MB/s bandwidth for the connection between SIS 645 north bridge and 961B south bridge. With new system architecture, the system performance is improved significantly.

Ultra ATA 133, 6 USB and 6 Channel audio Supports
GA-8SR533 supports high speed Ultra ATA 133 IDE devices and 6 USB ports. It deliver sufficient, easy to use and high performance interface for users’ application such as DVD-ROM, DVD-RW, digital camera, printer, scanner and other advance peripherals. Through AC97 6 channels audio output GA-8SR533 provides excellent audio quality that fulfills any audio applications, such as MP3 or Audio CD playback, DVD movies and gaming, thus delivering an ideal platform for multimedia solution.

 Q-Flash™, and @BIOS™, Multi-language BIOS:
With detailed instructions in BIOS setup main menu, Q-Flash™ utility allows you to flash BIOS easily under BIOS mode, without the need to flash BIOS under Windows and DOS mode. @BIOS™ will automatically detects the most up-to-date BIOS version from GIGABYTE network via internet, updating the BIOS under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP, no more complicated update method at DOS mode. Multi-language BIOS provides non-English readers a easier way to understand settings in BIOS setup mode, currently provides English, French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified) and Russian.
Overclocking software - Easytune 4
The new EasyTune 4™, an exclusive Windows based overclocking utility developed by GIGABYTE, provides the brand new friendly and full function interface for overclocking that totally changes the traditional way for “overclocking”. It provides 2 modes, “Easy Mode” for the novice users and “Advance Mode” to fulfill the requirement of power-users.

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Main Specification
• Socket 478 for Intel® new 0.13 micron-process Pentium® 4 processor
• SiS 645/961B Chipset
• Supports FSB 533/400 MHz
• 3 DIMM support up to 2GB DDR SDRAM memory
• AGP 4X, 5 PCI slot
• 6 USB 1.1 ports
• 6 channel AC97 audio
• Two Ultra ATA 133 Connectors
• Easytune™ 4, Q-Flash™, @BIOS™