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Thread: Evergreen TherMagic(tm) Thermal Interface Compound

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    Evergreen Technologies, long the industry leader in developing innovative
    and cost effective solutions for increasing PC performance, has turned its
    attention to the growing problem of effectively cooling the latest high
    performance computer processors.

    Monday, July 1st, the first new product will be introduced in Evergreen's
    new TherMagic(tm) product family. TherMagic(tm) Thermal Interface Compound is a
    revolutionary material which successfully addresses the most critical issues
    to providing an effective path for conducting waste heat away from the cpu
    to the heatsink, providing performance fully 15% better than anything
    presently available in today's market. Performance supports patentability
    of this new compound and applications are currently underway.

    Here are more specifics on the TherMagic(tm) Thermal Interface Compound:

    1) Nature of Demand

    In response to consumer demand, the microelectronics industry is installing
    increasingly more powerful computer processing units into smaller system
    assemblies. The industry now faces a significant challenge in cooling these
    systems sufficiently to allow the computer processors to function properly
    and efficiently over time.

    Heat stressed environments are causing the latest generation of computer
    processors to routinely operate at reduced capacity (thermal throttling),
    demonstrate heightened instability and, at times, fail completely. This
    problem is expected to expand dramatically as more powerful computer
    processors continue to be developed and the demand for mobility and economy
    of size increases.

    2) TherMagic(tm) Thermal Interface Compound (TIM) Features

    TherMagic(tm) TIM consists of the suspension of a highly conductive thermal
    transfer material in a unique formulation of viscous silicone oil. In
    addition to demonstrating high thermal conduction capability, the suspended
    material is a fluid, amorphous substance at normal system operating

    The amorphous quality of TherMagic(tm) TIM's filler material eliminates any
    structural barrier to forming a "Zero Bond line" between the computer
    processor and the heatsink, therefore reducing trapped air. It also enables
    the material to flow readily into the microscopic surface imperfections,
    displacing air trapped in these cavities and providing high surface area

    3) TherMagic(tm) TIM Performance

    Actual operating system performance data gathered for TherMagic(tm) TIM supports
    experimental lab data. TherMagic(tm) TIM produced a thermal resistance of .363,
    as compared to .425 for Arctic Silver III and .494 for generic Silicone Grease.
    This represents more than a 15% improvement in performance. By minimizing
    resistance to heat removal, TherMagic(tm) TIM produced CPU core temperatures
    2deg C lower on average.

    4) TherMagic(tm) TIM Pricing and Availability

    Evergreen's List pricing for a 2.0 gram retail package will be $8.99. This
    is comparable to other materials currently available in today's market which
    estimate 20-30 CPU core applications.

    Availability will be immediate through Evergreen's retail webstore, Tiger
    Direct, and Ingram Micro. Other distribution channels will
    be announced as they come on board.
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
    Tweak Town Pty Ltd

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    I think this product will be in high demand initially as word gets out. Looking forward to your in-town test results Mr. Tweak:)
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    All the thermal paste's come with the claim that they are better than all the other's, i'll wait until i see some tests before i get too exited
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