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Thread: Via Eden Boards

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    I don't know how new these are - but my hardware supplier just started carrying them:

    Via Eden - Mainboard with integrated Sound, Video, Lan and CPU plus all the normal stuff like IDE ports, USB & 1 open PCI slot-miniITX form factor available in 500 and 800MHz versions starting at about $125cdn.

    It's tiny - the whole thing in about 170mmx170mm (about 6.5in sq.)

    no good for gaming of course - but throw in a dimm and a HD and it would make a great little MP3 server - I just need to find a mini ITX case

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    VIA held a contest where constestents built items that used the board. Computers in VCR shells, mp3 players in cars, etc.

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    I believe that tweak town recently had an article about VIAs new CPUs. It has someting to do with their purchase of another company. In a few years we could see VIA become another AMD or Intel. This is great for us, VIA makes a good chipset now, so I will assume that their processors will eventually be of a good quality. Also, processors will become cheaper as the CPU market may become a threesome. Either that, or VIA would manufacture niche items like super miniature mobos like the one you're talking about.

    With Intel and nvidia steipping into the motherboard chipset market it may be a motivator for VIA to cut into atleast one other market. Maybe we'll even see them on video cards in a few years.
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