New PC Accessory Dramatically Improves Voice Quality Over the Internet

Westlake Village, CA -- July 10th, 2002 – MicroElectronicDesign has created the ideal PC accessory for anyone who wants to clear up their voice quality on the Internet. The device is called "WebPhone Jack" and uses advanced proprietary digital signal processing algorithms with audiophile class components to clear up conversations over the World Wide Web.

Originally designed to interface Microsoft's Netmeeting product with speakerphones in the corporate environment; this stand-alone hardware DSP based device happily interfaces with all H.323, SIP and other VoIP software including Microsoft and Yahoo Messenger programs.

Unlike competitive units, which use simple, out-dated echo cancellation circuits, WebPhone Jack’s DSP automatically adjusts for variations caused by Internet traffic and telephone set quality in real-time.

"Currently the common trend in PC design is to incorporate sound card circuitry onto the motherboard itself. This creates a noisy environment resulting in headset users experiencing 'motor-boat' type background noise when they speak into the microphone. The WebPhone Jack eliminates this problem by properly terminating the audio connections to these motherboards" explains Dinesh Bhatia, CEO/CTO of MicroElectronicDesign. "With WebPhone Jack - vocal clarity is dramatically improved over simple headsets regardless of their quality or cost."

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WebPhone Jack is an ideal PC accessory for anyone who wants to talk on the Internet. It features a built-in hardware DSP that is used in conjunction with high-resolution digital audio converters to enhance voice quality by employing advanced proprietary noise reduction and echo-cancellation algorithms. is a privately funded high-tech startup, which was established in Westlake Village, California in 2001. For more information visit: