Albatron Technology Launches KX400+ Pro Motherboard.
Taipei, Taiwan, 12 July, 2002 - Albatron Technology Co., Ltd. announced the launch of the VIA Apollo KT333 based motherboard KX400+ Pro, the first motherboard to support DDR333 memory and new ultra fast DDR400 memory for AMD AthlonTM XP, AthlonTM, and Duron.
KX400+Pro is based on the latest chipset form VIA, the Apollo KT333/8235. Supporting DDR200/266/333 memory, a full range of 200/266MHz Front Side Bus AMD Athlon™ and Duron™ processors. The VIA Apollo KT333 provides lightning fast access to system memory and delivers more application performance than rival Socket A chipset platforms. The VIA Apollo KT333 paired with VT8235 provides very fast data transfer rate due to the connection through KT333/8235’s high bandwidth V-Link Hub Architecture, up to 256Mb/Sec. Other key features include AGP4X, ATA-133, DDR333 support, as well as integrated six USB 2.0 ports, LPC bus, integrated 10/100Mbps Ethernet, Home PNA, AC-97 audio and MC-97 modem link for easy expansion.
With the advanced design, layout and use of the top performance components. Albatron’s KX400+ Pro is capable to support DDR333 as well as overclock the memory bus to support DDR400 and even higher memory clock. The KX400+ Pro also integrate the latest and greatest features in motherboard technology, which include FSB 266MHz support, ATA 133, BIOS Mirror, Voice Genies, adjustable Vcore, Vcc, FSB by 1MHz increment in BIOS, 6 channel audio, USB 2.0 and Over temperature auto shut down for AMD AthlonTM XP processor, is designed to provide the highest performance and the most expandable chipset solution for the latest 266MHz, 0.13 micron process AthlonTM XP processors. It also supports the latest memory technology, DDR 333(PC2700) memory module. KX400+ Pro supports 3 DIMM slots, up to 2.0GB DDR SDRAM. It also has 6 PCI, and 1 AGP port. Due to the features and the stability of this board is will be able to reach novel user as well as power users.