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Thread: Soyo KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra for the AMD® platform

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    FREMONT, CA (August 14, 2002) – SOYO Computer, Inc. today named Mushkin Enhanced Memory Systems, a subsidiary of Ramtron International Corporation (Nasdaq: RMTR), its Recommended DDR400 Memory Partner for its new P4X400 DRAGONTM Ultra motherboard for the Intel® platform and the upcoming KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra for the AMD® platform. After a series of rigorous compatibility tests, Mushkin’s DDR memory modules have proven to be the most stable, and yield the highest performance for the SOYO DRAGONTM motherboards.

    I guess it was unofficially annouced: an Soyo KT400 mobo. Nice!

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    SWEET !

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    D - DDR
    R - RAID
    A - Audio
    G - AGP Pro
    O - Overclocking
    N - Network

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    SOYO Launches Performance Driven SY-KT400 DRAGON Ultra For AMD Socket-A Processors
    August 28th, 2002

    Vivian Lien
    SOYO, Inc.
    [email protected]

    SOYO Launches Performance Driven SY-KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra For AMD Socket-A Processors

    -- SY-KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra Features Support For DDR333/400, Optional Serial ATA/On-Board ATA-133 IDE RAID, Integrated 5.1 Digital Sound, 8X AGP Pro, Smart Overclocking Options, On-Board 10/100 Mbps Ethernet and High Speed USB 2.0

    FREMONT, CA (August 28, 2002) - Continuing the DRAGONTM legend, SOYO, Inc. today announced its latest motherboard series for builders of AMD Socket-A based systems who seek performance, functionality and value bundles.

    Powered by VIA's KT400 chipset, SOYO's new SY-KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra supports high speed DDR333/400 up to 3GB, an 8X AGP Pro slot for the ultimate graphics experience, and serial ATA (optional). Echoing the recent trend in see-through computer cases, KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra (Platinum Edition) continues to make a fashion statement with its distinctive platinum PCB finish.

    "D" - DDR400/333/266 Memory
    SOYO's new edition for its DRAGONTM series motherboard line utilizes VIA's KT400/8235 chipset and its many integrated features. One break through addition to the new SY-KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra is its DDR400 support, enabling AMD processors with 266 MHz FSB to achieve amazing CPU/memory bandwidth. The enhanced chipset solves bottlenecks created by increasing processor speeds, and improves the memory bandwidth by close to 20% to 3.2 GB/sec, versus DDR333's 2.7 GB/sec and DDR266's 2.1 GB/sec.

    "R" - Serial ATA/Parallel ATA-133 IDE RAID (0,1,0+1)
    The SY-KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra offers high-speed optional serial IDE interfaces rated at 150 MB/sec. SOYO's optional serial ATA support allows for a more compact system design through its use of thin interconnects. The embedded HiPoint IDE RAID chip provides parallel ATA-133 IDE RAID at Level 0 (data striping), Level 1 (mirroring) and Level 0+1.

    Addressing many of the limitations of parallel ATA, users can now take advantage of faster transfer speed, lower voltage, thinner cables and high pin efficiency offered by the new serial ATA transfer protocol. SOYO provides optional riser cards that connect between the motherboard and the hard drives (serial or parallel) for complete backwards compatibility. The embedded Marvell chip in the riser cards converts parallel signals to serial without degradation in speed, and allows users to use both parallel and serial hard drives interchangeably.

    "A" - 5.1 Digital Audio and 24-Bit SPDIF Audio Connector for Ultimate Audio Experience

    Featuring an on-board CMedia 8738 audio chip, the SY-KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra provides 6-channel digital audio. The sound chip eliminates the need for a separate sound card, reduces cost and increases reliability. Also supported is the optical 24-bit digital audio output. SOYO bundled a SPDIF audio connector, which maintains the integrity of the digital signal and prevents signal degradation when converted to analog.

    "G" - 8X Graphics
    Maximizing on VIA's KT400 chipset, the SY-KT400 brings official support for 8X AGP Pro to the AMD platform. The revolutionary 8X AGP operates at 533MHz and supports up to 2.1GB/sec I/O bandwidth, ensuring faster data transfer and improved graphics performance. The higher bandwidth between the GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) and the north bridge enables computer graphics at its best, especially for graphics intensive applications such as 3D graphics and gaming.

    "O" - Smart Overclocking Options
    The SY-KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra offers a variety of smart overclocking options for users to experience the true power the DRAGONTM has to offer. In addition to adjustable CPU, DIMM and AGP voltages, DRAGONTM lovers are now able to enjoy higher a PCI divider (/5) and a more flexible APIC/IRQ sharing option.

    To prevent the CPUs from overheating, this new AMD-based motherboard has a built-in Anti Burn Regulator. If the CPU temperature exceeds the recommended operating temperature, the system will automatically shut down to protect the CPU from overheating.

    "N" - Network On Board
    On board 10/100 Mbps Ethernet is a standard feature of SOYO's SY-KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra. With the integrated Davicom PHY controller, the SY-KT400 eliminates the need for an external network card and is high-speed Internet ready.

    "Ultra" - USB 2.0
    With a 480Mbps data transfer rate, the on-board USB 2.0 interface enables fast I/O to large amounts of data, minimizing long wait time. The SY-KT400 features 6 USB 2.0 ports, 4 on the front and 2 on the rear.

    KT400 DRAGON Series Featuring Several Bundled Items
    Adding value to the SOYO DRAGONTM motherboard, the KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra (Platinum Edition) is bundled with a Sigma Box featuring a combination flash memory reader/writer and 2 front USB 2.0 ports. This all-in-one interface makes internal features externally accessible, and is compatible with Type I & II Compact Flash, Smart Media, and IBM Micro Drive. Other bundled units include an SPDIF audio connector for crisp digital sound, additional ATA-133 cables, the SOYO 8-In-1 CD Pack and a detailed User Manual.

    The MSRP of the KT400 DRAGONTM Ultra (Platinum Edition) is $189 US. Volume discounts are available.

    SOYO, Inc. was founded in 1985, with worldwide headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, and branch offices in the USA, Germany, and Hong Kong. The company sells its products through a select group of retailers, e-tailers, distributors, system integrators, and VARs worldwide. In 2002, SOYO launched its new sales office/RMA center in Brazil to better service its local customers.

    SOYO's US headquarters are located at 41484 Christy Street, Fremont, CA 94538. For more information on the company, please call 510.226.2535 or email [email protected]. Further information on SOYO products can be found online at


    SOYO is a registered trademark. Other product names are either trademarks or trade names of their respective holders.

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