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Thread: GIGABYTE Unveils New Product Family - P4 Titan 667 Series

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    GIGABYTE Unveils New Product Family
    P4 Titan 667 Series

    Taipei, Taiwan, August 26th 2002 -- GIGABYTE technology, the world acclaimed motherboard manufacturer today announces a brand new product family for Pentium® 4 platform – P4 Titan 667 Series. The new P4 Titan 667 series had not only succeeded from the outstanding performance, quality and stability of P4 Titan 533 series, and had also extended those to the new era. GIGABYTE technology has once again shown and proven company’s strong R&D team and technology advancement among others.

    The P4 Titan 667 series was designed to meet and qualify for next generation CPU specification, from current FSB 533MHz reaching up to FSB 667MHz. Predicting from the past Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor evolution history, the new system bus frequency might increase from the currently 533MHz up to 667MHz. The new FSB 667MHz specification greatly increases the bandwidth between the north-bridge chipset and CPU from current 4.2GB/s to 5.3GB/s. This is accomplished through a physical signaling scheme of quad pumping the data transfers over a 166-MHz clocked system bus and a buffering scheme allowing for sustained 667-MHz data transfers.

    In this new product series, each GIGABYTE new Pentium® 4 models were planned, designed, strictly tested and validated under the new 667 specification rules. All models must pass all the new 667 specification rules in order to be qualified to name as P4 Titan 667. In this new family they all strongly follow the terms below:

    Maximized Performance
    Today’s PCs come with a range of options, including system memory, hard disk drives, optical disk drives, and external ports for connecting the latest printers, cameras, mp3 audio players, and PDA. Whatever options you choose, GIGABYTE P4 Titan 667 series motherboard will maximize their performance and deliver a great computing experience for you.

    Extensive Testing to High Standards
    GIGABYTE P4 Titan 667 series motherboards are designed and tested to meet the high quality standards GIGABYTE is known for. Cutting edge research and development teams are dedicated to assuring quality by continual testing with a broad selection of devices, peripherals, and software, over a wide range of operating conditions. This ensures excellent reliability and gives you confidence that your PC will be compatible with the peripherals and software that you want to use.

    In this new product family series, 7 new models are designed to provide the most powerful system performance

    8PE667 Ultra
    8PE667 Pro
    8GE667 Pro

    About GIGABYTE technology
    Founded in 1986, Gigabyte Technology has built an unshakable reputation and solid foundation in the computer industry on the reliability of its motherboards and add-on card products. In diversifying from this solid base, Gigabyte Technology is devoting their profuse resources to expanding into new product lines, such as desktop platform solutions, servers, broadband routers, Gigabit switches, wireless LAN, and NAS (Network Attached Storage) appliances.

    With a talented, resourceful infrastructure and design capability, from Motherboard, VGA, Desktop Platform, to Communication and Server, Gigabyte Technology has developed a full-scale product network, not only creating the ideal platform for the world of Internet connectivity but also resulting in new concepts in most all aspects of our lives. In the coming information appliance age, Gigabyte Technology is users’ premier companion to brighten people’s mind-scope and future life.
    Cameron "Mr.Tweak" Wilmot
    Managing Director
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    Whats the point of having a mobo supporting 5.3GB/s of bandwidth if PC1066 RDRAM/RIMM 4200's only give 4.2GB and DDR RAM only does 3.2 Max... Dont say your going to overclock to get there... you can achieve the same thing by overclocking something like a BD7 II

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    If/ when Intel releases the 666FSB Presscott Processors
    this board will become mighty handy especially if it uses the upcoming Dual Channel DDR 333 Mhz., which makes for a perfect match.

    My System:
    P4 1.6A @ 2.133Ghz. 133FSB /conservative
    Asus P4S533 M.B. (SiS 645DX Chipset)
    OCSystem 512 MB. DDR-400Mhz.Ram
    Leadtek AD 250 TD Geforce 4 Ti-4400 Which runs nicely @ 300/650Mhz.
    Maxtor 80 Gig. 7200 RPM ATA-133 H.D.
    Yamaha CRW-3200 CDRW
    Lite-On 163 16X DVD
    Digital Doc 5
    SuperFlower Black Aluminum/Magnesium Case with 6 case fans stock.
    Antec TruePower 430 Watt P.S.
    IBM P97 Stealth 19 inch CRT Monitor
    Logitech Z-560 4.1 Speakers
    Belkin 1200 V/A UPS
    MS Intellimouse 1.1 Special Edition
    Windows XP Professional

    Since Intels price drops I am upgrading to the 2.53Ghz.

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    Intel wont release a 667Mhz FSB CPU for a while, and dual channel will be out by then, and that mobo aint dual channel (Granite Bay is intel's Dual Channel chipset, and thats a DDR 266 board) so it looks like that mobo is a waste of time :rolleyes:

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