Taipei, Taiwan, 24-Oct-2002

GV-R9500 ¡V New member for Microsoft„¥ DirectX„¥ 9.0
The computer games have placed main focus on the 3D performance. The 3D texture, computational performance as well as price are the crucial factors for graphics accelerator. The economic slowdown has adversely impacted PC market, particularly there has been a shift in technology spending. People are yearning for a best performance and cost effective graphics solution. Fulfilling customer requirements, Gigabyte announces much-anticipated GV-R9500 graphics accelerator.

Gigabyte is always engaged in bringing top-of-the-line and admirable product to the global market. GV-R9500 3D graphics accelerator, the masterpiece with advanced ATi Radeon 9500 graphic chip, offers numerously innovative designs and utilities. It also supports high-speed AGP 8X interface, Microsoft„¥ DirectX„¥ 9.0, reaching an outstanding 3D graphics performance even with full loads of 3D Applications or 3D multi-works. The GV-R9500 comes with an optimized thermal solution. It employs a large fan-sink as well as memory heat sinks for high performance on the RAM module, and, running with high stability even under overclocking.

Various Value-added Games Bundled
Nowadays the main function of the graphics accelerator targets to support 3D games and maximize its performance. The GV-R9500 graphics accelerator bundles up to four various games to its retail package. All the games gained numerous favorable top reviews.