October 2002 - Albatron Technology, a manufacturer of high end Mainboards and Graphics Cards introduced its new line of high-performance Graphics Accelerator Cards, the Ti4280 series. Cutting no corners, Albatron has incorporated the latest nVIDIA GF4 Ti4200-8x GPU that includes an impressive lineup of highly advanced graphics technologies, featuring support for AGP 8X. Stacked up against the most graphics intensive programs, you’ll experience quite an awesome display of resolution and pixel manipulation.

Board Features

The Ti4280 series includes the Ti4280 (64MB), Ti4280V (64MB,VIVO), Ti4280P (128MB), and the Ti4280PV (128MB,VIVO). They all use DDR memory with an impressive clock speed of 512 MHz and support for AGP 8X technology. All of the cards in this series were designed with a 6-layer PCB keeping electrical interference to a minimum, as well as ensuring stability and reliability. Additional features include TV-Out for television connectivity and a DVI port for use with digital monitors.

nVIDIA GF4 Ti4200-8x Chipset

With the GF4 Ti4200-8X chipset, the Ti4280 series can support 8x AGP which is double the bandwidth of its predecessor 4x AGP technology and accounts for a good portion of the horsepower. In addition, nVIDIA also provides Accuview Antialiasing (AA) Technology using advanced Multisampling and Anisotropic Filtering technologies to enhance the sharpness and quality of your images without the usual degradation of performance. An nfiniteFX II Engine uses dual programmable Vertex Shaders and ultra fast Pixel Shaders capable of producing unprecedented true-to-life, real-time animation. Users may also choose to take advantage of nView Multidisplay Technology that allows you to avoid “window stacking”, breaking out of your single monitor environment and expanding your desktop over several monitors.

Albatron Delivers

Staying atop of the wave of advancing technology, Albatron Technology delivers the Ti4280 series Graphics Cards with the most sophisticated graphics hardware and software available today. Intended for the user who wants to step up to the next level of image display possibilities, these products are out to set a new precedent and a higher standard for today’s market.