VIA Launches the VIA Envy24PT Audio Controller for the Onboard Audio Market

VIA sets a new benchmark for onboard audio performance with the latest addition to the acclaimed VIA Envy line of Audio Controllers.

Taipei, Taiwan, 12 December 2002 - VIA Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced the release of the VIA Envy24PT, a high performance Audio Controller designed to bring 8-channel support, and a stunning new level of audio performance to the motherboard and entry-level soundcard market.

For the last two years, VIA has been developing high-end audio solutions to meet the growing demands of increasingly entertainment centric PCs. The VIA Envy24PT is the latest addition to VIA’s Envy line of Audio Controllers supporting up to 24-bit resolutions and 96kHz sample rates for an enhanced listening experience. Enabling 8-channel outputs, the VIA Envy24PT can support the latest DVD-Video Dolby Digital EX® and DTS ES® soundtracks for enhanced flyover effects, as well as having 4 simultaneous inbound channels. Like all Envy24 controllers, the VIA Envy24PT is designed to pass audio as cleanly and clearly as possible, bit-for-bit accurate.

“As customers demand higher quality integrated audio solutions, the VIA Envy24PT offers the perfect hi-fi answer for this important segment of the audio market,” commented Steve Chen, Executive Assistant to the President, and Head of the VIA Audio Division. “Combining support for the latest audio formats with crisp clear I/O paths, the Envy24PT promises to substantially improve audio fidelity over previous solutions, as well as decreasing CPU utilization for improved performance in applications such as gaming.”

“AOpen has been a leader in developing innovative audio solutions for audio enthusiasts and serious gamers with our AX4B-533Tube series of motherboards,” commented Al Peng, Product Manager at AOpen America Inc. “We are very excited about the new plateau of sound performance we can deliver with VIA’s Envy24PT Audio controller combined with our hi-fi vacuum tube architecture, that is sure to deliver onboard sound like has never been heard before!”

“The VIA Envy24PT’s 8/6 channel scalability, hi-fi audio quality, and easy implementation made it the obvious choice for our upcoming high-end mainboard solutions,” commented Brian ****, Product Manager of VIA Platform Solutions Division. “Our upcoming VIA P4PB ENVY motherboard integrating the Envy24PT and featuring 8-channel support, will really push the established mainboard audio performance envelope.”

With its flexible architecture, the VIA Envy24PT makes possible a variety of connection options for a wide range of applications. For the Pro-motherboard market, the VIA Envy24PT in combination with an AC’97 codec like VIA’s VT1616 makes possible a single audio implementation for 8,6,4, and even 2 channel audio solutions, realizing an excellent balance of analog and digital audio connections. At the other end of the audio spectrum, the VIA Envy24PT can be paired with high-end ADCs and DACs enabling a professional 2-channel 24/96 solution.

About VIA Audio
VIA has developed a broad spectrum of silicon solutions for enhancing the PC audio experience, including the highly respected, studio performance VIA Envy24, and the Envy24HT audio controllers that are used by some of the world's leading audio card makers. VIA also offers a range of AC’97 audio codecs, such as the high performance VIA VT1616 6-channel codec that enables theatre quality sound in both audio-on-motherboard and soundcard applications.

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