Jan. 2002 - Albatron Technology unveiled two new high performing graphics accelerators, the Ti4800SE and the Ti4800SEV (with VIVO port). These cards are fitted with AGP 8x and 3.3 ns memory giving them the additional boost in performance to surpass most of Albatron’s other VGA cards terms of efficiency and performance.

The Ti4800SE and Ti4800SEV employ nVidia’s Ti4800SE GPU, whose AGP 8x provides 2.1 gigabyte/second transfer rates, twice the throughput of predecessor AGP 4X cards. The Ti4800SE Series is also designed with an eight-layer PCB providing stability by neutralizing electrical interference. In addition, a specialized extra large copper fan is used to provide maximum heat dispersion. As for the memory, the Ti4800SE Series uses eight, 3.3 nanosecond memory chips with a total capacity of 128 MB (128 bit). Each memory chip is fitted with a heat sink which becomes especially advantageous when dissipating heat from overclocking.

The Ti4800SE Series comes feature packed supporting Microsoft’s DirectX 8.1, among other popular applications. Also supported are Microsoft’s most popular operating systems including Windows XP, 2000, NT, ME, 98 and 95. A built in nVidia nifinteFX II Engine allows for a virtually infinite number of special effects. When this is combined with other special technical features such as Lightspeed Memory Architecture II and Accuview Antialiasing, your system will reach new heights in 3D graphics and 3D realism. Finally, the Ti4800SE Series boasts support for DVI (Digital Video Interface) and TV-Out.

With its overclocking potential and reliable stability, the Ti4800SE Series is projected to be a sure favorite for video gamers who will no doubt take notice of its uncanny consistent stability while operating at unprecedented performance levels.

Note 1: Albatron’s Ti4800SE Series Specification
Model Ti4800SE Ti4800SEV
AGP 8X/ 4X/ 2X 8X/ 4X/ 2X
GPU Clock 275MHz 275MHz
Memory 128MB DDR (128bit), BGA 3.3 ns 128MB DDR (128bit), BGA 3.3 ns
Memory Clock 550MHz 550MHz
PCB Layers 8 8
D-Sub Y Y
TV-Out Y Y
VIVO - Video In/Video Out / N Y