VIA Launches True24™ Initiative to Drive Higher Audio Standards for the PC

Pushing forward the latest technologies, VIA aims to further enhance the consumer experience of high quality audio technology on the PC platform

Taipei, Taiwan, 27 January 2003 - VIA Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced the True24™ Initiative, a bold undertaking encapsulating three goals: to drive higher quality audio solutions onto the PC, to develop a clearer standard for these solutions, and to help educate consumers about hi-fi PC solutions.

Audio on the PC is currently undergoing a revolution, with the movement from 16-bit (CD quality) resolution to ultra-high quality 24-bit solutions for video and music content. The adoption of 24-bit audio standards for the PC enables solutions that can compete with the latest consumer devices to create a true hi-fi experience. VIA has been a pioneer in this field, strengthened by the acquisition of leading audio design house ICEnsemble over two years ago, delivering premium performance 24-bit Audio Controller solutions to leading soundcard vendors.

“The introduction of CDs delivered 2 channel 16-bit, 44 kHz digital audio into the home as well as the PC,” commented Dr. Jon Peddie, the president of Jon Peddie Research, a leading market research firm in multimedia and graphics. “Now with new standards like DVD-Audio, and the WMA Professional codec, we are starting to see demand for 24/96 support in six channels with analog outputs, which necessitates the use of a compatible controller as well as digital/analog (D/A) converters that can input and output this hi-res data.”

“With audio becoming an increasingly important element of the PC, the True24 Initiative is an excellent way to forward our goal of the PC taking on a central role as the home entertainment center,” commented Richard Brown, Director of Marketing at VIA Technologies, Inc. “The True24 Initiative will also be an effective way for VIA to take a leadership role in educating consumers about audio performance, and to deliver our latest audio ideas and solutions.”

Along with VIA’s drive for higher standards, the True24 Initiative also aims to set out a clear standard for 24-bit performance, to help reduce current consumer confusion about what constitutes a true 24-bit solution.

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About VIA Audio
Following the acquisition of ICEnsemble, VIA has developed a broad spectrum of silicon solutions for enhancing the PC audio experience, including the highly respected, studio performance VIA Envy24, Envy24HT, and Envy24PT used by some of the world's leading audio card makers. VIA also offers a range of AC’97 audio codecs, such as the high performance VIA VT1616 6-channel codec that enables theatre quality sound in both audio-on-motherboard and soundcard applications.

About VIA Technologies, Inc.
VIA Technologies, Inc. is a leading innovator and developer of PC core logic chipsets, microprocessors, and multimedia, optical storage, communication and networking chips. VIA delivers value to the PC industry by designing, marketing, and selling high-performance VIA Apollo core logic chipsets for the full range of PC platforms, and cost-effective VIA C3™ processors for Value PCs and Internet Appliances, as well as developing complete solutions for the PC platform through its VPSD Business Unit. Its customers include the world's top OEMs, mainboard manufacturers, and system integrators. VIA is headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, at the center of the Greater China high-tech manufacturing engine, and has branch offices in the US, China and Europe. The company is listed on the Taiwan Stock Exchange (TSE2388), and achieved annual revenues of nearly US$1 billion in 2001. Additional information can be found at