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Thread: ATI shows 9700 Pro w/PCI Express

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    At they have this + link

    Anonymous writes "It's interesting, ATI show their PCI Express interface Card: Radeon9700 Pro in the IDF 2003 Spring, the card photo over this

    For those of you who don't know PCI Express is Intel proposed standard to replace AGP and PCI slots.

    It is *not* related to PCI-X which has about the same bandwidth and will be used mainly in servers. Also, PCI-X 2.0 should be released at about the same time with similar bandwidth.

    PCI Express is a serial I/O interconnect while PCI-X 2.0 is a parallel bus. PCI-SIG will be actively supporting/promoting both technologies.

    I do not know if PCI-X 1.0 is out now. Googling right now.
    Someday I would like to become knowledgeable so that I could do penance for all the stupid questions I have and have yet to ask.

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    PCI-X 1.0 is out right now and is being used on some server motherboards.

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    Originally posted by Morgan_Lander
    [B]PCI-X 1.0 is out right now and is being used on some server motherboards.
    Ah, cool. Thanks! :thumb:

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    Here's an Abit workstation board with PCI Express, they also offer server boards with this new technology.

    Dual®Xeon™, Max 12GB Memory, 8x AGP, Gigabit LAN, Dual Channel Ultra160 SCSI
    The WI-2P, a dual Intel®Xeon™-based workstation board, features the latest Intel® dual-processor workstation architecture with higher frequency capabilities and a whopping 4.3GB per second of peak system and memory bandwidth. With the incorporation of dual channel Ultra 160 SCSI storage interface, gigabit LAN and 8x AGP Pro, the WI-2P is capable of delivering unprecedented computing and I/O performance to personal workstations for handling stringent graphics tasks such as 3D modeling/rendering, scientific analysis and engineering design. In addition, its capability to support optional 5.1 channel audio, S/PDIF connection, and a maximum of six USB 2.0 ports brings extra value to this thoughtfully designed workstation board.

    Abit Computer

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