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Thread: 3200+ found.... WANTING?? not up to P4 par?

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    I am afraid that at Toms Hadware they have looked at the new AMD 3200+ with the 400 FSB and did some comparisons and found it wanting! They think it's overated and should be classed as a 2800+.

    Interested in the link to the article is here:


    I've seen my BARTON not perform as good as the Thoroughbreed vers B chip I had. That 2100+ ver B was one swift CPU!
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    I think they just see it as a only a small benefit in speed. And they obviously don't like the numbering system. I agree. I am not that impressed with it. I would rather wait until fall to do any real investing in AMD.


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    No it was wrong of AMD to alter the old PR ratin' just for the extra L2 cache, the lower actual speed results in the hurt. :(

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    Don't you guys think that as processor speeds kick in, you'll see more and more advantage from the 512 K? As with all things processor related.

    As they exceed the limits of 266 FSB, they up to 333 FSB, not because the FIRST chip is going to utilize ALL the added speed, but as more chips come out, more and more will be utilized, until eventually it becomes feasable to go to 400 FSB, and so on.

    And so right now chips may only see a 5% increase in capability by going with the 512K cache, but as things progress, I truely believe more and more of the cache will be utilized. Until a point that having only 256K cache would cut performance in half.

    And remember this as well, PR rating is just that, the PR rating. Mainly for clueless public.
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