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Thread: amd 1700+ cpu cooler?

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    this is the 1st time building a pc. and i dont know, do i need a cpu cooler? and if so which one? and what is a shim? and what is copper and some other heatspreader?

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    I get the best price/performance from usin' the copper Volcano 7+ (miles ahead of that retail thing they call a HSF) and forget about shims as they're just plain useless unless ya extremely hamfisted.

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    seriously.. the volcano7+ is so good that it even has a cult of followers.

    the volcano9 seems to be a lot cheaper though (which is what i have runnin at a decent noise level set on 3,00rpm) .. 12$USD at

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    if you ever plan to overclock, you might as well get a thermalright hs with a smart fan 2 or vantec....the volcano series is nice but not as good as the thermalright offerings....look around various'll see.

    there's a heatsink review there....
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    it depends on what you are planning on doing with your comp, if you are not planning on OC, then you may want to consider a less effecient, but much quiter HSF...but if you are planning on doing some tinkering or it's going to be in a hot environment, then you may want to consider something like the volcano 7+ or 11

    here may be a good one if you are not going for an OC: Vantec Aeroflow
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    I went to Fry's (Dallas) and got a new CoolerMaster fan for 9.99. It works good. It has a manual speed controller on it too that is adjustable.

    Mine is running on a AMD XP 2400. Never locks up and keeps it hella cool. Make sure to use that grease between the cooler and the processor.

    That's my 2 cents.

    J :afro:

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