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Thread: Optimal Speed Settings

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    Mobo is 8RDA+, CPU is Barton 2500+, RAM is Corsair DDR400.

    Which is better for best performance:

    FSB @ 166 and Multiplier @ 11


    FSB @ 200 and Multiplier @ 9.5

    Both settings register as a 2500+ at Boot but the FSB @ 200 results in a speed of 1.90 MHZ vs. 1.84 for the 166 setting.

    Does it really matter? Temps seem very slightly cooler with the 200 and 9.5 setting. Other than that I can tell no difference. They are both way fast!!! :thumb:


    John, a life long Pentium guy just loving AMD! :cheers:

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    The 200MHz FSB is better as the CPU and memory can talk at a faster pace but runnin' a few benchmarks should prove that.

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    Which is better? Neither!! See my posts elsewhere for details, but I'm running 220FSB @ 10.5. With a good HSF and your memory you should be able to get comparable results.

    I agree with Wiggo though. In my testing I got better performance with a higher FSB and reduced multiplier.
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    O/C: 220FSB, 10.5 CPU multiplier

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