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Thread: Another Stupid Newbie Question...

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    I just recently built my first PC and Im unsure as to if I have my current BIOS settings correct.

    I have a:

    AMD Athlon XP2600+ CPU
    ASUS A7N8X MoBo
    Two sticks of Crucial 512MB DDR Ram running in Dual DDR
    ATI Radeon 9700 Pro Video Card
    Western Digital 80GB HD
    Ahanix dboX Case

    My question is, in my BIOS the CPU External Frequency is set to 100MHz with the multiplier set on auto showing a resulting frequency of 166MHz. Is this correct? The CPU manual shows the FSB as being 333MHz.

    Finally, my Graphics Aperture Size is set to 128MB, is this also correct?

    Sorry If this al sounds stupid!.....


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    It runs on DDR memory, which transmits on the rising and falling side of transmission, essentially doubling the speed of the memory, so 166x2 = 333mhz. :eek:

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    Thats all the dude above mentioned 166 x 2 = 333 when you see DDR double it.

    As for the aperture question...thats all about running benchmarks like 3dmark and trying out which fits best.
    - Damien

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