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Thread: xp 3000+ 333 or 400 FSB?

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    I am building a gaming computer as a high school graduation present. Lucky kid will get an xp 3000+ What's better for games--the 333fsb model with(I think) the higher clock speed or the 400 fsb model?

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    Lucky grad!! I thought that the 3000+ only came in a 333. The new 3200+ is a 400, but they start at around $400 - 600 usd. Also AMD is coming out with 64 in September(?). It is supposedly geared toward gaming. I think I read a forum in ... I can't remember off the the top of my head. But I do know that you can get more info at AMD site about it.

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    I'm sure he can't wait till September...its prolly a surprise. Go with the 3000+ Barton core. It has a 2.1 clock, plus it has more cache...and of course the 400 FSB all for 250 (plus or minus). Remember to make sure that your nForce2 Chipset mobo is compatiable out of the box and doesn't require a BIOS FLASH (just makes life easier). I suggest EPOX, ASUS or ABIT. Oh, just a reminder make the memory PC3200 or higher. Good Luck =)
    - Damien

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    Hi there

    I'm running a 3000+ 333fsb (13*) very happerly at
    400 fsb (11.5*). Thats as far as I've got sofar,
    so thats the one I would choose & it's cheaper.:)
    Thermaltake Xaser lll V2000A
    True Blue 480
    A7N8X Deluxe r2.0 Bios 1007
    AMD 3000+
    Coolmaster Aero 7+
    512mb Corsair XMS3200 Twin Platinum
    2 x DiamondMax +9 Serial ATA 80Gb (raid 0)
    GeForce FX 5600 128Mb VideoSuite

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    what kind of ram are you getting? If it's 3200 then get the 400fsb it's at new egg for about $275 right now whereas the 333fsb is at $245. I would get the 400fsb because from experience, the 400 goes faster and is more stable hence the lower clock speed. hope that helped

    Oh, and those suggestions are awesome especially for the nforce boards... didn't have to unlock my 2200+ and am now running it at 380fsb w/no hiccups!!!

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