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Thread: P4 1.6 to a AMD 2500+?

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    Hi im new here,

    Just have a few questions. Currently im runng P4 [email protected] 1.8, MSI 648 Max mobo, MSI ti4200 VTD8X, 2x256DDR PC2100 Hynix ram.

    Now what i was wondering was about a upgrade im going to do.
    I was planning on upgrading to a Barton 2500+ ($155 AU), either an Epox 8RDA+($150AU), 8RDA3+($185AU), Gigabtye N7400 Pro($180AU). And to either upgrade to a Albatron Medusa ti4200 ($220AU)and O/C to ti4600 speeds, or i can try to get a R9500, the hacakble to R9700 one =). Also wanting to get 512 Kingston Ram PC2700.

    Now what i wanted to know was, is this a good upgrade and will i see a performance difference in games? apps? benchmarks?

    Also out of those 3 motherboards, which one is best?

    What does the 2500+ run at, 1.8ghz?

    And finally, will there b any AMD price drops coming, before the Athlon64 that is? =)

    Cheers ^^

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    Get the Barton 2500+ and run it with the Epox 8RDA+.

    Make sure to use two identical memory sticks in order to use the dual channel future of the Nforce2 chipset. Try and get 2x256Mb at least and make sure they are no less than pc-2700 rated. But if your intrested in overclocking the cpu then get a well known brand memory with the rating 3200 or higher..

    Keep your Ti4200.

    And yes you will notice a BIG performance improvement over your current setup.. :)

    Oh and most important, have phun.. ;)

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    I'd actually go the 8RDA3+ and PC3200 or better memory. Yes the XP2500+ is runnin' stock at 1833MHz but the difference over ya current setup will be very noticable.

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