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Thread: What would happen if ..........?

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    What would be the worst and best case scenario if you put an unsupported processor in a mobo?
    ie. a xp into an athlon board or vice-versa.

    would you burn anything up or would you just not boot.
    Hope this helps

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    Worst case is that it just wouldn't boot though nothin' should get damaged.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wiggo
    Worst case is that it just wouldn't boot though nothin' should get damaged.

    Don't know if I would want to take the chance though! Unless I just had a few spare computer parts to experiment with on an older computer. Though I would never do anything like that to my main system!
    Here are my specs:
    System Specs: ATX generic case with Antec 550 watt power supply. ASUS A7N8X Deluxe Motherboard. Western Digital 7,200 RPM 40 gig IDE Hard Drive.(NTFS- file system) AMD Athlon XP 2600 processor.(standard fan and heatsink-Thoroughbred Core-standard speed-NO OVERCLOCK) 1 gig of Samsung DDRAM(PC 2700- 333 mhz....2-512mb sticks running in dual channel mode).Ati Radeon 8x 9600 XT (8x is enabled on motherboard). Soundblaster Audigy 2 sound card. Motorola sb 5100 cable modem (Insight Communications-Cable Connection) BenQ 16x DVD- RECORDER.(records -R/-RW or +R/+RW and CD-R formats) LG 52x32x52 CD Burner. Zip 100 internal drive and a generic 3.5 floppy drive. Windows XP Professional Operating System. I also have a HP Deskjet 3520 inkjet printer and a KDS X Flat 17 inch CRT monitor.

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    Well, I put xp into an athlon mobo, all it did is power up w a black screen. That was a soyo mobo.

    Also I did put a XP2200+ TbredB into my KG7 and it worked fine. But the mobo officially supports tbreds up to 2000 and pallies to 2100+

    Ive also heard reports of people booting with a 2500+Barton on the KG7, Will let ya know if I can do that when I get one.

    But it all depends on luck, sometimes it will work and sometimes it wont.

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