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Thread: P2 cpu

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    is it advisable to use a P2 CPU without CPU fan?

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    I am wondering the same thing, my P2 350 Mhz has a fan which sounds like an TT Volcano and I have thought about just unplugging it. It's a slot1 cpu and I have run a P3 650 Mhz without fan before, it had a mutch bigger hsf though..

    Anyway think this 350 Mhz chip would burn without it's fan spinning..:?: Isn't those slow chips quite hard to kill and wouldn't it most likely just freeze on me if overheated..? /THX

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    A lot of PII's and PIII's run without fans on their heatsinks but they rely on good airflow thru the case though they do carry larger heatsinks on them compared to the fan cooled ones. Their fans are usually quiet though (stock ones anyway) so it's likely a bearing is on the way out.

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