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Thread: having probs with athlon xp 2500+

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    another thing, the vcore of the 2500+ is supposed 2 be 1.65V right? cause i do not know why mine is runnin at 1.69-1.70V without me having changed it........any of you know why?(could it be the cpu) i tested the cpu with 2 boards(asus a7n8x and gigabyte vaxp) and both were reading 1.69-1.70 on BIOS, i tried both boards with another cpu and it was lower.
    My rig:
    amd athlon xp 2500+ barton core @2.16GHZ (180mhz 12x)
    cooler master x-dream(with cooler master high performance thermal compound)
    mobo: asus a7n8x deluxe
    512mb of ddr pc-3200
    radeon 9500 pro
    pctv tuner card
    antec 5.1 speakers
    antec case with 5 80mm fans
    430 watts psu
    15" monitor @ 1024*768 32bit 70hz
    48x cd-rom, 52x24x52x cdrw
    2x 160gbs 7200 rpm 8mb buffer maxtor hdd
    win xp pro with sp1a
    all drivers updated

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    Some boards overvolt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChewwyBacka
    I am familiar with this motherboard.
    IT sounds to me like you need to go to their website and flash the BIOS. They have a feature called, LIVE update, and you can download it on screen in windows.
    Just don,t do it online.
    I have sucessfully fixed a problem similiar to that one before.
    It should work without you having to spend any more money.
    Follow the instructions carefully, and you will be fine.
    I beleive i have the same issue. I have the Amd Athlon XP 2600 2.08GHZ. After running Belarc Advisor programme - it reports it running at 1.25GHZ & the BUS clock at 100mhz only ?

    So if i flash the BIOS will this fix the problem & if so where do i find the programme to flash it, i have searched for American Megatrends Inc - but cannot find any links..

    Appreciate any help


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    Ya'll find the BIOS updates from the manufacturer's website of the motherboard.

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