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Thread: Problem with my 2.6C...

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    i've got a P4 2.6C with Corsair XMS PC4000 RAM. I was running prime to test the cpu at PSB 213 and got errors. So I raised up the VRAM to 2.7 and I also had to raise the Vcore to 1.575. I shouldn't have to do this.
    My main problem though is that I have CPU-Z and wpcuid and they both show I only have on processor. The windows task manager also only shows one cpu, and not the two that should be displayed with HT enabled. I installed windows with HT enabled, so I don't know whey there is a problem here.

    Another problem is that in CPU-Z it displays that I have PC3700 memory when it should be showing PC4000.
    Could this also be a configuration problem? I have the newest version of CPU-Z.

    I have :
    ABIT IC7-G
    Corsair XMS 4000
    P4 2.6c
    2 raptors in raid 0
    vantec aeroflow hsf
    vantec ION Power supply

    Can anyone help me? Should I return my ram or what?

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    Make sure your bios has HT enabled.
    Also, I hope it's Windows XP your running or else get it asap.

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    Your CPU probably didn't need a voltage increase, if anything its going to be your RAM. Make sure you are running them 1:1.

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