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Thread: AMD Athlon 64 3000+ already out?

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    Why is showing the processor as a 2.0 ghz/1mb lvl2 cache then?
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    Well, that explains the $200 price difference. How much of a performance drop can we expect from the Athlon 64 3200+ with 512k of less L2 cache?
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    AMD Athlon 64 3000+ with 512KB cache for sale now at below $200!
    Unannounced processors available all around the world

    Yet unannounced microprocessors from Advanced Micro Devices – AMD Athlon 64 3000+ – have shown up in various stores all around the world. The chips, however, do not feature the same specifications as their predecessors – the Athlon 64 3200+ microprocessors.

    In an attempt to cover mainstream desktop segments with its 64-bit technology, Advanced Micro Devices planned to roll-out some new AMD64 processor at substantially lower price-point than any other 64-bit CPUs – AMD Athlon 64 3200+ and AMD Athlon 64 FX-51 available today. The formal announcement was planned to take place at a later date, but a plethora of stores sell the chips now.

    <img src="">

    The AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processors runs at 2.00GHz, the same speed as the higher-end Athlon 64 3200+ chip. But the less expensive CPU incorporates only 512KB of level-two cache – only a half of 1MB L2 cache provided by the Athlon 64 3200+. Both AMD64microprocessors incorporate 128KB of L1 cache and one Hyper-Transport link with aggregate bandwidth of 6.40GB/s to communicate with PC I/O. The new 3000+ 64-bit processor builds-in single-channel PC3200 controller.

    <img src="">

    AMD also supplies Athlon 64 3000+ chip for desktop replacement notebooks, but those chips feature 1MB of L2 and run at 1.80GHz speed. According to recently unveiled AMD CPU roadmap for 2004, AMD is going to replace the 64-bit chips based on ClawHammer core featuring 1MB of cache with CPUs packing only 512KB of L2 based on Newcastle core.

    <img src="">

    Even though AMD Athlon 64 CPUs work on lower core-clocks compared to some of AMD Athlon XP processors, the new 64-bit chips may bring additional performance in real-world applications due to more efficient architecture, SSE2 support as well as eventual benefit the software may take from AMD’s 64-bit extensions. It is positive that AMD decided not to lower core-clocks of the 3000+ chips below 2.00GHz, however, the performance impact of removing 512KB of cache is not clear.

    The AMD Athlon 64 processor in 3000+ flavor for desktop computing is available in Japan as well as in stores listed by and is priced at $270 in Japan and from $199 to $250 in the USA.

    All the AMD64 microprocessors, such as Opteron, Athlon 64 and Athlon 64 FX, are made using 0.13 micron fabrication process with Silicon On Insulator (SOI) technology in AMD’s advanced Fab30 in Dresden, Germany. AMD had some problems with increasing core-speed of its 64-bit products, nevertheless, it looks like now that company can ramp products at 2.00GHz speed without serious cost issues.

    Early next year AMD is expected to release faster versions of its 64-bit chips, namely AMD Athlon 64 3400+ , AMD Athlon FX-53 CPU as well as AMD Opteron processors at 2.20GHz.

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    Slowest Athlon 64 humbles fastest P4 in gaming
    And for around $150 less at the checkout

    German hardware website Hard Tecs 4U has published one of the first reviews of the AMD Athlon 64 3000+ processor.
    This new model runs at the same 2 GHz frequency as the flagship product, but does so with 512 KB of level two cache, which is half of what the 3200+ model has. Cheapest Price Watch price has it for $214, which is $156 less than the $370 3.2 GHz P4.

    I've condensed the gaming benchmark results for just the Athlon 64 3000+ and the 3.2 GHz P4.

    3D Mark 2K1 @ 640x480
    Athlon 64 3000+ - 21,075
    P4 3.2 GHz - 19,382
    Athlon 64 won by 8.7%

    3D Mark 2K1 @ 1024x768
    Athlon 64 3000+ - 18,924
    P4 3.2 GHz - 17,587
    Athlon 64 won by 7.6%

    Comanche 4 @ 1024x768
    Athlon 64 3000+ - 60.63
    P4 3.2 GHz - 62.46
    P4 won by 3.0%

    Quake 3 @ 640x480
    Athlon 64 3000+ - 462.2
    P4 3.2 GHz - 454.6
    Athlon 64 won by 1.7%

    Quake 3 @ 1024x768
    Athlon 64 3000+ - 389.0
    P4 3.2 GHz - 370.2
    Athlon 64 won by 5.1%

    Serious Sam @ 640x480
    Athlon 64 3000+ - 248.6
    P4 3.2 GHz - 195.4
    Athlon 64 won by 27.2%

    Serious Sam @ 1024x768
    Athlon 64 3000+ - 161.2
    P4 3.2 GHz - 134.6
    Athlon 64 won by 19.8%

    Return to Castle Wolfenstein @ 1024x768
    Athlon 64 3000+ - 139.3
    P4 3.2 GHz - 138.0
    Athlon 64 won by 0.94%

    Unreal Tournament 2K3 @ 1024x768
    Athlon 64 3000+ - 71.28
    P4 3.2 GHz - 60.89
    Athlon 64 won by 17.1%

    As you can see, Athlon 64 won eight of the nine benchmarks, and one of them by 27%. For those who need superior gaming performance than a 3.2 GHz P4, but at less cost, these benchmarks indicate that the Athlon 64 3000+ is the way to go.

    It was a smart move on AMD's part to release this device at the same frequency as its sibling, but with half the level two cache, as it still betters the P4 in the very important world of gaming.

    AMD deserves some credit here. It has brought to market a processor that has half the theoretical memory bandwidth and 37.5% less frequency than the 3.2 GHz P4, and it is still a gaming winner.

    For those that have been waiting for the cheaper Athlon 64s to arrive, you can now have your cake and eat it.

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