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Thread: K8V Deluxe mobo bios problems

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    I tried to install the new rev 1004 bios using the exact instructions (k8v1004.exe vs live update or other methods).

    The BIOS was 99% done and caused an error. Now I get black screen (on two video cards).

    Clearing post ram doesn't help.

    Trying the Crash-Proof bios methodology of having the image on a USB floppy, a mem stick, the utility CD that came with the system, nor a new CD with the images did not work (yes, correctly renamed to "K8V Deluxe.rom")

    I just get back screen although the system is spinning up and polls each device, but then bukas.


    Does the Mobo have a replaceable BIOS?


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    go to the web site of your mobo's manufacturer and look up their instructions on bios recovery. it seems to vary a good bit from one company to the next.

    edit: just in case you got lucky, remove the battery, unplug the PSU and let it sit for 5-10 minutes to clear the CMOS, plug it back up, replace the battery and see if that helps
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    Thanks very much. Undertook the research and the battery & post ram clearing procedure and I'm still SOL. :(

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    Default Re: K8V Deluxe mobo bios problems

    Hey guys,
    I also have a k8v deluxe that i have a bracuda sata drive hooked to. I upgraded to windows xp sp2 and it crshed my bios somehow and made it look for a raid setup and hard drive and no matter what i couldn't get the bios to see my hard drive again. so i reflashed my bios and of course that crashed and I get no boot black screen of death. No read of anything including floppy just check of something i can't determine. All fans spin. If you get an answer could you let me know too. I have not tried CMOS reset yet though so I may have some hope.
    Good luck.


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