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Thread: Help Needed Amd System

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    This is proably one of the most hard to explain random problems you will ever encounter or hear of ...

    In April 2002 I bought an AMD system. It's an XP 1900. All the componets were high end and among the best you could buy at the time.
    80 GB Maxtor 7200 RPM Hard Drive
    GA7DXR+ motherboard
    Soundblaster Audigy
    Leadtek Winfast Geforce 4 Ti 4600 128 MB (At the time the ultimate)
    Logitech cordless KB + mouse
    Pixelview TV Tuner
    Asus 40/12/48 CD R/W
    Pioneer DVD 16x Slot Load
    2 x 256 Kingston 266MHZ PC 2100 DDR RAM
    Pansonic Floppy
    17 " Sony Trintron CRT
    A big non standard heatsink
    and 2 80 mm case fans - one rear one front.
    Windows XP Home - installed after I bought the PC

    The thing is, the computer is inexplicably CRAP. It has crap frame rates on games, runs XP poorly and very slowly. Freezes monentarily all the time on EVERYTHING - opening IE explorer, opening windows explorer. The TV tuner card doesnt work. The sound card randomly doesnt work for a while and then comes back to life. The KB and mouse occaisonly drop out. The CD burner works but at about 15x. The DVD doesnt work sometimes. It cant mutitask. IMESH for some reasons use like 110 percent of the computers resounces and it is impossible to do anything with it running. The PC gets VERY VERY hot. Like 75 degrees celcus CPU temp when playing Command and Conquer Generals with 52 degrees case temp - causing the PC to restart. It is burning when you touch it. The more intensive the task the hotter it gets. Despite HUNDREDS of hours of effort trying to fix the DAMN thing up with new drivers and reinstalling the OS and trying a 101 things it is still like that. I have opened the case a million times and all the hardware is all what it is supoused to be. I havent checked the CPU but windows and bios recognises it as AMD 1900 XP. I could better performance with a p3 850 and a GF2 GTR. The computer is bad on so many levels - all my hardware cant be partially faulty can it?

    Whats wrong????
    Someone PLEASE help me.

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    Ok for starters give us a pic of the case, the fan positions and the direction they direct airflow.
    What type of "big non standard heatsink" and is it powered off the mobo ore PSU (just because it's big doesn't mean that its better)?
    TV tuners are always problematic especially if they're not properly supported XP or they're inserted in the wrong PCI slot.
    P2P software can always cause probs if ya not careful and don't have a fully updated AV plus anti-spyware software.
    Lastly what brand/model/rating is ya PSU? :?:

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