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Thread: Question about hyper threading and games

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    Hi all, been wondering if hyper threading could benefit my gameplay. let me explain, I play Dark Age of Camelot; its an MOG.
    Now its comon knowledge that your proc uses 100% when you play a game.... The thing is I often times play 2 accounts of DAoC at one time, on the same PC. now, this works fine... expcept that it doesnt run as good as it would on 2 PC's. I cant really justify building a new rig just for a game, So i was wondering if Hyperthreading, being that it splits itslef in 2 or some ****, would enable me to run 2 games smoothly. would each game have its on proc, so to speak? If so that would be just what i'm looking for.
    can someone please knowledge me on the subject?
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    I don't think it would work like that.

    Each one would be trying to occupy all of the CPU's resources.

    A single application needs to be multi-threaded to take advantage of it.

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