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Thread: Opinions on VIA KT600 Delta

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    Hi anyone have any comments on this mobo? cheers in advance
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    I tend to stay away from any board using the KT600 chipset. It doesn't perform as well as the nForce2, isn't nearly as overclockable and still utilizes single channel memory architecture.
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    The KT600 chipset isn't as speedy as the nForce2 Ultra 400, agreed. However, for users only using single-channel memory to begin with, its not much slower at all, and can be cheaper (*much* cheaper when factoring in the cost of decent dual-channel memory). If you're not a hardcore enthusiast looking for the best possible speed, there's nothing wrong with a KT600 board. Tom's did a comparison between the KT600 and the nForce2 400 (not Ultra version, which is a fair bit quicker) awhile ago, link follows:
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