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Thread: Strange problem with AMD athlon XP 2600

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    OK, I keep having something wierd happen to my computer. It slows to a crawl and so I reboot hoping that it will clear. A error comes up and says something about the CPU speed not being set correctly. So I reboot my Asus A7N8X Deluxe and hit del. to go into the BIOS and I had the CPU external freq. previously set at 166. (that is SUPPOSED to be the correct speed for a AMD athlon core xp 2600) I went ahead and dropped it down to 133 and saved by hitting f10 and saving and everything seemed to be ok, but every now and then it still happens randomly, even with it being set to a lower CPU external frequency! Does anybody know what is wrong?? Why does this keep happening!??

    Here are my specs in the BIOS of my Asus A7N8X Deluxe as to what I have my settings on my processor:
    CPU External Freq. (133) (NOTE: THIS was what I was talking about!)
    CPU frequency multiple setting (auto)
    xCPU frequency multiple setting (12.5x) (NOTE: lines with an x before them are greyed out)
    system performance (user defined)
    CPU interface (optimal)
    memory frequency (100%)
    resulting frequency (166 mhz)
    memory timmings (optimal)
    xSDRAM active precharge delay (7)
    xSDRAM RAS to CAS delay (3)
    xSDRAM RAS precharge delay (3)
    xSDRAM CAS latency (2.5T)
    FSB spread spectrum (0.50%)
    AGP spread spectrum (disabled)
    CPU Vcore setting (auto)
    xCPU Vcore (1.650v)
    graphics aperature size (64 mb)
    AGP frequency (auto)
    system BIOS cacheable (disabled)
    video RAM cacheable (disabled)
    DDR refrence voltage (2.6v)
    AGP VDDQ voltage (1.5v)
    AGP 8x support (enabled)
    AGP fast write capability (enabled)

    I just can't understand why, even after setting the CPU External Freq. at a lower speed (It is SUPPOSED to be set at 166, but I lowered it to 133, hoping that would fix the problem!) that this problem is STILL happening! Does anybody know what could be a cause for this?

    By the way.... I DO NOT and HAVE NEVER overclocked my processor! It just has the standard fan that comes with it when I bought it retail, so I wouldn't even try that without a bigger fan! My AMD xp 2600 is also an ATHLON core!

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    That tends to happen with a cheap low wattage psu or a good psu gone flakey(not likely). In peticular with 333mhz+fsb xp cpu's in conjunction with higher end mobo's like your asus. What chipset drivers are you using? Full system specs would be better.
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