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Thread: New Processor

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    Default New Processor

    Hi all. I'm putting together a new system and would appreciate some processor advice. I currently have a case, Antec 430W PSU, Maxtor 200GB IDE HDD, 2X512MB DDR400 RAM. So I'm buying a CPU, MOBO and video card.

    I had been set on a Mobile XP 2500 ($126 CDN) on an ASUS A7N8X-E Deluxe that I would OC to ~2.5GHz. Then I found out that I would need to buy a fancy HSF like a Thermalright SP-97 ($70) plus a fan ($25?) to OC. That means that the CPU+HSF costs about $220 -- and for that price, I could buy a retail P4 2.8C ($253) with a 865PE board (like the ASUS P4P800-E-DLX).

    Any thoughts on what I should do? I know the OCed XP would be faster, but I assume that I could OC the P4 2.8C -- I don't know how high I could go on a stock cooler, but would it match the XP?

    My other worry is that the video card may hurt performance -- I was thinking of just going with a PowerColor Radeon 9200 256MB ($129) or a PowerColor Radeon™ 9550 256MB w/ DVI/TV-Out ($136) but am wondering if this will affect my ability to OC the system and/or hurt performance.


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    You do not need to buy a fancy HSF to overclock. Either a Volcano 7+ or Volcano 12 will be good enough for that purpose and much cheaper.

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    I purchased an OCZ Gladiator 3 (hs and fan) for $18 (USD @ newegg) to go w/ my 2500 mobile and it works great. I was forced into this setup due to size restrictions of my mobo (EPoX 8KRA2+). It is very quiet and very effective. I can run @ 2.5 (1.7V; 42-44C) with very little instability. I personally run it @ 2.4 (1.6V; 39-41C) so I can run q3 w/o crashing. Note that I have plenty of case cooling (3 intake and 1 outtake).

    there are 2 versions of this.. one with led's which i got
    and one that proclaims to be silent w/o led's.
    The led fan only runs @ 28dB so i went with it (it cools alittle better as well).

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