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Thread: spread spectrum Q & (hopefully) A

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    Default spread spectrum Q & (hopefully) A

    I was wondering what exactly this is. I don't have it enabled and can't remember if i've ever tried it. Any other amd owners using this? thnkx.
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    Basically its to reduce EMI emissions,

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    From the BIOS Optimization Guide over at Adrian's Rojak Pot (about the best BIOS guide around):

    This BIOS feature allows you to reduce the EMI of your motherboard by modulating the signals it generates so that the spikes are reduced to flatter curves. It achieves this by varying the frequency slightly so that the signal does not use any particular frequency for more than a moment.
    It is generally recommended to disable this feature unless EMI is an issue and is causing your system to crash.
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    Default Re: spread spectrum Q & (hopefully) A

    The bottom line to all the above is that your computer is acting as a mini radio frequency 'jammer', poking out a fair chunk of electronic pollution on one fixed frequency. By selecting spread spectrum, the interference is 'jittered' around that frequency. Jittering reduces the peak power level at any one point, thus reducing the perceived interference. It is a bit like standing with a hosepipe pointing at one place or waving it about. The same amount of water either hits one place or is spread around.
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