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Thread: GHz vs MHz

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mutineer
    Bits / bytes are worked out in binary, so it's 2 to the power of whatever..

    2^10 = kilobyte
    2^20 = megabyte
    That's for space/size but doesn't have anything to do with speed.

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    This reminds me of this one retarded time when I went into RadioShack. I asked for a 2GHz cable splitter, and he came back with a 2000MHz splitter and said they dont have any 2Ghz splitter. So he offered me the 2000MHz splitter instead. Yea... I think it's more a "you had to be there" thing. BTW, will the 2GHz splittter make your cable modem speed go faster or your cable TV quality better?
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    Lol Underpaid Noobs @ RadioShack
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