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Thread: Newb needs help with AMD 64 3500

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    Default Newb needs help with AMD 64 3500

    Hi all...

    So I'm lookin to buy an AMD 64 3500+ but I'm havin some technical difficulties.
    First of all, I can find it for 345 bucks off of PriceWatch, but from what I gather, some of those sites are shady. However Neweggs cheapest 3500 is 80 bucks more. Can anyone tell me if XTGear (extremegear) is reliable or not.
    And if not, is it worth the extra 80 to order from Newegg- because I know they're reliable.

    Also what motherboard do you guys suggest?


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    Default Re: Newb needs help with AMD 64 3500

    I'd get it from Newegg.

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    Default Re: Newb needs help with AMD 64 3500

    Newegg is the only online hardware retailer that I've found to be reliable. There are a few other ones that can be a bit unreliable, and a whole slew of unreliable sites. Newegg usually has the best prices.

    For motherboards, the MSI K8N Neo2 Platinum, the ASUS A8V Deluxe, and the ABIT AV8 are the three best (arguably-best, anyway) choices. Choose based on features you need and price of the boards. These won't be cheap; there's no entry level motherboard for a socket 939 system. If you find a site that has them much cheaper than Newegg, there is probably some catch. The site will be unreliable; the board will be used; etc.

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    Default Re: Newb needs help with AMD 64 3500

    I can recommend another vendor - Monarch Computer. They have the 3500+ for $354 and the 939 motherboards starting at $109 for the ABit:

    I live near 15 minutes from Newegg and it is excellent, unfortunately they don't have a store front so I have to order it like everyone else - and get screwed for the high cost of state taxes. Monarch was the best alternative site I could find out of state to save on taxes.

    The prices, selection and service is excellent. It was recommended to me by someone at another site and I haven't been disappointed yet. Good luck!
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    Default Re: Newb needs help with AMD 64 3500

    take a look at they have done well by me and prices /shipping very good

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