An article at has information regarding the dual-core Opterons that were recently revealed.
This past Monday night AMD announced that they would be demonstrating dual core 90nm Opterons here in Austin. I jumped at the chance to see a demonstration so Wednesday afternoon I arrived at AMD eager to get a glimpse of the upcoming CPU in action. This article will reveal images of the new CPU and systems it was running in as well as summarize AMD's plans for dual core in 2005.
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Intel also has plans for dual-core CPUs (that will likely ship later than AMD's) and seems to be moving more and more away from the strategy of increasing clock speed to improve performance.

SAN JOSE, Calif. Mark down Sept. 7 as the date Intel Corp. unofficially switches from frequency to parallelism as its main microprocessor philosophy. That's when President Paul Otellini will publicly demonstrate Intel's first dual-core processor as part of a keynote at the Intel Developer Forum (Sept 7-9).
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Personally, I'm more interested in AMD's dual-core CPU as Intel still has to work on other areas to get out of the strategy of simply increasing clock speed. Being dual-core doesn't elimnate the need of more L1 cache or a replacement for the front side bus.

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