my system:

Dell 8200
2.0 G P4
512 MB PC 800 RDRAM
ATI RAdeon 9800 pro
maxtor 40G 7200 rpm
XP home SP1

Far Cry is still real laggy. less than 20 fps in parts at medium settings @ 1024 by 768. Benchmarks are excellent for a 2.0 GHz processor. System is optimized and tweaked...XP running bare bones, no scumware, latest drivers, optimal settings.

The best my Mobo will support is a 3.06 GHz with hyper-threading. Is it worth it? Or would I also have to double my RAM to appreciate the upgrade? That damn RDRAM is so expensive, I can't justify sinking any more cash into it.

If the processor upgrade will improve my performance noticeably, then I may go for it.

I would appreciate any opinions...