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Thread: AMD 64 3000+ and FSB Bios settings etc..

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    Default AMD 64 3000+ and FSB Bios settings etc..

    Ok as the title states i have an Athlon 64 3000+ (512k cache version).

    Anyway while looking at the bios today a few things caught my eye. Some were set to auto so i clicked manual to see what there was to see. So anyway i guess my question is what do these settings do, and based on my configuration should i tweak any of them.

    CPU FSB: This is set at 200Mhz but when i look at it i can raise it to a max of 300Mhz.

    CPU SPEED: Is set at auto, but in manual i can adjust it from 800 to 2000 Mhz.

    CPU Voltz: Set to 1.4 but i can adjust it up to 1.75 (voltage going to cpu no doubt).

    So basically what is this stuff? I know what FSB is ect.. just not sure if it is something i should try to tweak a bit. I am guessing this would have something to do with o/cing the cpu? My rig set up is as follows.

    AMD Athlon 64 3000+
    ASUS K8V SE Deluxe Mobo
    Crucial Ballistix PC 3200 (1Gb)
    Maxtor 80Gb 7200 rpm SATA
    Sapphire Radeon 9800 Pro (o/ced at 410/351 /w VGA Silencer cooler)
    SB Audigy Platinum 2 ZS
    420 watt p/s.

    Thx for any tips you can give me.
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    Default Re: AMD 64 3000+ and FSB Bios settings etc..

    It's for overclocking. If you increase the FSB, you can make the processor (and the RAM, as a result) run faster. You put more voltage into the CPU and it will overclock more (if it won't boot at a certain speed). Heat will eventually become an issue, as will the speed of your RAM, so take it slow if you do it at all. Don't try to just jump to 300MHz.

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