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Thread: Howe to find right prossesor for a dell???

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    Default Re: Howe to find right prossesor for a dell???

    Can you give us more information???

    Is it a Dell desktop/server/work station/laptop/web pc??

    Why would you want to upgrade the processor?

    Many prople don't realize that increasing the processor speed has
    minimum impact on the overall speed of the computer.

    You would get better performance increase by upgrading the memory (RAM)
    then you would upgading the processor.

    And, some people have the misconception that they could like take their Pentium 2 motherboard and simply slap a Pentium 4 chip on it. This is not the case as the infrustructure and design of the chip is greatly different and a P4 chip cannot work on a P2 motherboard.

    Not to mention that it is very very very difficult to upgrade a laptop processor and they are not designed to be upgraded at all.

    If you have a desktop, Dell is an OEM company and you mayl have a hard time
    finding a chip that will work on it. The retail version will most likely have incompatable brackets or fan plugs or heat sinks or what have may be looking at some fancy alterations just to get the chip working on the Dell motherboard.

    Dell themselves generally do not sell upgraded processors for their own sysems, just replacement processors for what you already have. Dell
    does not want to be in the parts selling business. They would rather have you call and order a faster computer.

    Hope this helps.

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    Default Re: Howe to find right prossesor for a dell???

    With Dell, they don't use custom made cpu's. A newer cpu using the same socket will fit fine, and the stock heatsink would work. It all depends on what the highest processor the motherboard can handle. If the processor uses the same fsb and just a different multiplier, there should be no real problems.

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