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Thread: Bite the bullet! (going Intel)

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    HA HA HA Well when it comes to multi tasks I like to think that Intel holds the upper hand alot better than AMD , They BOTH!!! have there good points and bad no matter what anyone says. I have to admit that at one time I to looked into the AMD Processor, but went with Intel instead and have no regrets in doing so . You just go with what you can afford and have luck with. just do your research and if someone has a question at least try to remain byais on the subject. there's alot of fun in researching and building on your own with a little help of course. But the satisfaction in doing something yourself is an accomplishment in its self. So I appologize for the very rude behavior and promise it will not happen again, scouts honor Lol. AMD may hold the upper hand when it comes to gaming and Intel runs hotter than a fire cracker on the Fourth of July. But if you have the right case setup and cooling components you should never have a problem. And beside's maybe I like a grilled cheese sandwitch & hot cocoa when Im playing or what not

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    Quote Originally Posted by ]\/[ϩ׆
    HA HA HA Well when it comes to multi tasks I like to think that Intel holds the upper hand alot better than AMD
    I'll agree with that to an extent. Any heavy multitasking will be much nicer on a hyperthreading P4 than a single-threaded Athlon 64. Dual-core Intel CPUs also seem to be superior to AMD dual-core CPUs in heavy multitasking. That being said, most of that heavy multitasking is due to user negligence, and should not require better hardware to handle. If you know how to use a computer fairly well, AMD will probably perform better in your multitasking situation.

    For single-threaded applications though, I won't give much credit to Intel. AMD beats Intel in most video encoding now, which was Intel's only strong point in the enthusiast market. For any gaming, most multimedia creation (anything from 3D rendering and video encoding to photo editing), almost all kinds of servers, and regular use (provided you don't insist on using an excessive amount of trayed programs). But none of that matters because the largest market is the home desktop market and performance and price advantage don't beat superior marketing OEMs that won't change their mind.

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