Hi guys, I've been playing around with my processor (athlon xp 2600 barton) and managed to do the l5 mod to turn it into a mobile athlon mp, which is pretty cool. Unfortunately, my processor is superlocked, so I can't change the multi from the bios, my only option for changing it is through windows using PowerNow! tech with programs like CPUMSR or CRYSTALCPUID.

Problem is, I have an NFORCE2 chipset, and whenever I try to change the multi, I get a freeze. I've been searching around and it seems that I need to do the following

"nVidia: nForce 2 (reg. E7, bit 4 = FID_Change Detect; reg. 6F, bit 4 = Halt Disconnect) - But there is high change this won't work, good solution hasn't been found to this date."

I have the program WPCREDIT to edit my bits and registers, but i'm a little unsure exactly what I'm supposed to do here. Can someone please explain to me what they want me to do with Register E7, bit 4? What does it mean by FID_CHANGE DETECT?

Thanks for any help!