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Thread: P4 LGA775 vs. the P4 E CPU

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    Default P4 LGA775 vs. the P4 E CPU

    Which is faster?

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    Default Re: P4 LGA775 vs. the P4 E CPU

    They're both the same processor (Prescott cores) just with different pinouts but as far as I know the faster versions (3.6-3.8GHz) only come in LGA775.

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    Default Re: P4 LGA775 vs. the P4 E CPU

    If you're looking at models with identical clock speeds and cores, then the only real difference is the socket type, not just physically, but performance-wise. There's no performance advantage from going to socket 775, though there is PCI-E (and the possiblity of DDR2 becoming better/viable in the near future).

    However, I doubt you'd have a good reason to go with an Intel machine if you're getting a new machine since AMD outperforms Intel at almost every price range in most applications (and almost every application that most users would look into). And since AMD PCI-E boards are just about to go retail (have already been shipped), there isn't even the feature benefit of LGA775 with PCI-E over socket 939 (or 754, for that metter).

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