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Thread: Normal temperature for Prescott

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    Default Re: Normal temperature for Prescott

    These temps are all high compared to my rig. I use an Arctic Freezer 4 on my P4 2.8E socket 478 and I never see over 50C on my MSI 865PE NEO2 motherboard at stock speeds. I idle around 30C. I do have 8 fans running, although I chose quiet types and the fan noise is more than tolerable. I use a four channel fan controller to quiet it down for non-gaming activities. I modified my case extensively for airflow. I cannot recommend that enough. I run tons of cold cathodes and such and still have no heat issues.

    My computer :
    P4 2.8E Arctic cooler Freezer 4 socket 478 (Don't forget the Arctic Silver 5 thermal paste)
    MSI 865PE NEO2 Motherboard
    OCZ Modstream 520W power supply
    Ultra PC4000 Dual channel ram (1G)
    9800 PRO/XT (Bios mod) Arctic cooling Silencer 2 + Tweakmonster ramsinks and Tweakmonster dual fan bracket blowing across AGP area
    Audigy Gamer with Digital Out daughter card
    3500AG 16X Dual Layer DVD Burner
    LG 16X DVD-ROM
    Western Digital 80GB SATA 8MB cache 7200RPM
    Hitachi 80GB SATA 8MB cache 7200RPM
    Logitech Z-680 5.1 speakers (THE BEST FOR GAMING, absolutely incredible sound!)

    Even overclocked I never see over 55C even when gaming. I don't know if my readings may be low, but I have spent ALOT of time and effort on cooling. Just so you know, I used a cheap case and modded it my way, window and all.
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    Default Re: Normal temperature for Prescott

    I to would recommend a good hsf , But if you can I would recommend Corsair COOL Water Cooling Kit for Socket 478 or Thermaltake Aquarius III Liquid Cooling System .Just make sure you shop around. the Corsair kit would be the logical choice just because the price is alot cheaper than what the Thermaltake kit is. and it does not take no elbow grease to put either of these systems in. and if your concerned about posible leaks, dont be. The components have gotten better over the years and the two kits mentioned are of the highest quality components. I would also recommend if you purchase one of these kits or others .Just make sure you run them 24 hours in advance just to check for leaks. and Dont plug your PC in until then , you dont want to fry your components. Also just use regular tap water for now for the 24hr test run......Dont want to waste your coolent. ; )

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    Default Re: Normal temperature for Prescott

    Anubis ....... i note from your second post pic that it appears you have no case fans, is this correct ?

    If it is I would strongly suggest you get at least 1 x 80mm inlet and 1 x 80mm exhaust for your box, even a Zalman won't make an incredible difference if there is no airflow through the case, it will only recirculate the heated air.

    You may also like to check that the cpu cooler is seated correctly, and change the thermal paste to Arctic Silver 5 if you do remove the cooler.
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    Default Re: Normal temperature for Prescott

    chances are his fans are running on molexes and arent monitored
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    Default Re: Normal temperature for Prescott

    I have the P4P800 Deluxe (I don't know if that's similar in layout to the S-X). I just installed a Zalman CNPS7000-Cu over my Presott P4 3gig without any problems. Idles around 43C at standard clock. Heavily loaded and overclocked by 10% and the CPU temp has not risen above 60C.

    Sorry if this is of no value since it's not the exact same board, but I figure any info might be helpful.


    Quote Originally Posted by fomelyone

    I was googling for this very subject, so joined to make this post.

    I have a p4p800S-X and have identical problems to you! I built my system in Feb with a p4 3.2 1mb 478pin prescott.

    With the stock HSF my computer idled at 60degs.

    The thermal throttle on the CPU is 66degrees, and I'd hit 75 or so under load, so that's hopeless.

    I bought a ThermalTake copper heatsink/fan combo (one that allowed me to be lazy enough to just drop it onto the standard mounting bracket).

    At full rpm the machine now idles at 47degrees, and under load goes to 57.5, which I find acceptable.

    However, the noise is unbearable. The fan spins at 7000 rpm's and generates 45db! So I've solved the cooling problem, but it's by no means an elegant solution.

    I too am looking for a quieter system, I really regret buying the p4 this time. I had an AMD previously and was fairly unhappy. I can't seem to win. :(

    Does ANYONE know of a zalman HSF that will fit the p4p800S-X? I'm tempted to buy the CNPS7000-ALCU just on the chance that it will fit the board. Much googling on the subject realises no luck, and I think the Zalman website which list mobo support is horribly out of date for Intel boards, because I've read posts by people on other forums who've attached Zalman's to boards not on the supported list.

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