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Thread: Is a receipt needed for a warranty RMA?

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    Just got a 1900+ suppose to have a 3 year warranty (retail) but I never got a reciept The guys I bought this off of is claiming I don't need one. I just need the serial numbers from the fan.

    but the last time I had to exchange I had to fax or email a receipt before I could get an RMA number.

    QUOTE FROM SELLER---->hello,,
    > You do not need any invoice or anything,, if the cpu go back all you need is contact amd and give them the serial number on the cpu,,that will take care of it...thank you

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    I'm not sure what AMD requires, but I always like to have a receipt for my purchases. If you saved the invoice from your initial purchase, then you can print it off and that should suffice. Or even the invoice that came with the shipped package.
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    Well, my problem is that I bought it from a guy on Ebay. I didn't get NOTHING but the retail box and a few bubble wraps. It was a brand new sealed retail package. Looking at his feedback, I would think he had a Pc shop or something going on...

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    most big companies like AMD do use the serial number to determine if the product is under warranty. but i have never had to send anything to em so i dont know for sure if they do or not
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    Warranties are from date of purchase. How would AMD know when the CPU was purchased, if he doesn't have a receipt stating as much? I have had to RMA equipment, and the first and only thing they asked for was the invoice number. From that they had all the info they needed, such as item #s, date of purchase, etc. I have never had any problems with AMD products, but it might be worth trying to shake this guy down for a receipt, if you can. Even if you only have the time from when he initially purchased it, it might be better than nothing.

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    They go with the manufacturing date which
    is verified using the serial number on the retail

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    Xp 1900+'s haven't been around for 3yrs anyway so there shouldn't be a problem there. :smokin:

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    how long do you think a CPU can sit on a shelf before it gets sold to the end user? AMD states 3 year from the date of purchase....

    However, while I was about to throw away a dead 1ghz cause I lost the receipt I thought I would call up AMD and see what they said since I didn't have a receipt. They say that they do require a receipt but I gave a sob story and the gal told me to make a generic receipt with the date of purchase.

    But will this work next time? I hope I don't have to find out!

    BTW, thanks to MSI for 2 dead CPU's.... Don't ya hate getting a bad mobo..... Tried the first time...thought it was they Mobo...tried again with a new CPU and the mobo blew that one also.....RMA'ed the tested to be defective and received a new one...working great so far...

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    Gee, I am glad I didn't throw that CPU away!
    This is what I sent in... "We have received
    your A1000BOX (AMD OPN#) processor(s), with serial number(s) 30099020 in our AMD Technical Service
    Center on 04/23/02"
    and this is what they are sending me "We have shipped your A1.1 BTRAY+HS/FAN(AMD OPN#) processor(s), with serial number(s) 41943091 from
    our AMD Technical Service Center via Federal Express"

    Looks like they replaced it with a new CPU cause of the serial numbers....and Could it be a 1.1ghz!?!?!

    Heck, I had this CPU in my desk for about a year. I never tried to send it in cause it had a nasty chip in the corner of the die...but it still worked until I put it in the fualty motherboard. I figured they would look at it and say it was dead cause of the chipped Die.

    Mainly sent it in to see what they would say cause I couldn't find my receipt.

    I guess I will see what they sent me tomorrow!

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