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Thread: L1/L2 P4 cache problem and question

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    Default L1/L2 P4 cache problem and question

    I am experiencing stop errors IRQL-NOT-LESS-OR-EQUAL during startup on WINDOWS 2000 PRO. I have googled to death this stop message.

    After having narrowed the problem down to either the CPU or motherboard I have a question.

    If I disable the L1 cache on my ASUS P4B533 motherboard latest BIOS (1015), it will proceed with the bootup and startup of WINDOWS 2000. I am presuming that since this resolves the issue it might be the CPU. Has anyone had or experienced a failure of L1 cache before? This is a P4 Northbridge 2.4Ghz 533 socket 478 processor. Failure ocurrs whether L2 in enabled or disabled in BIOS.

    Any other thoughts? The system was operating correctly but doing intermittant reboots. I chased the problem finally resorting to a reinstall of W2k at which time the halt started ocurring. I have eliminated all hardware possibilities except mobo and CPU.

    If I run a standalone (tufftest) on just the CPU and memory - all tests pass.

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    Default Re: L1/L2 P4 cache problem and question

    You could try increasing the CPU voltage or even the chipset voltage, but I'd say it sounds like something is physically wrong with the L1 cache, which is bad, needless to say.

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