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Thread: Big Cpu Problem

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    Default Big Cpu Problem

    i was just starting up my computer and i hear loud noises from my harddrive or my cpu cant tell which and everything is running kind of slow so i openend up task manager and saw instead of the usual green bars for the cpu usage it was red bars

    i heard in other forums that if you turned off page file it would make things run faster and it hasnedt so i turned it back on and i noticed battlefield 2 is running alot slower then it used to and the picture is jumping around a lot and was wondering if what i did with page file is the cause for the jumping around in battlefield 2 and and the red bars in the cpu usage instead of the green ones

    if you could help me i would appreciate it
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    Default Re: Big Cpu Problem

    First off, are you referring to the Processor when you make mention of the CPU? If so, it doesn't make noise as there are no movable components involved. Secondly, turning off page filing is a sure way of causing your system to hack up a furball if you're using any modern programs... like BF2. The page file is WinXP's name for what used to be referred to as a Swap File. The job of this reserved chunk of hard drive space is to act as spare storage ground for data that is frequently used after the memory is full and holding all it can. It helps the system access this data more quickly and many programs it to work effectively.

    If you're having issues with the hard drive, head over ot the manufacturers website and you should be able to download a utility that checks the serviceability of the drive. If it shows up as dying and its actually still working, you'll want to transfer any important data immediately to a good drive.
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    Default Re: Big Cpu Problem

    Darthtanion is right, you should move your important data to a safe hard drive in case your hard drive is corrupt, and you should always have some back up zip-discs or CDís in case of both your hard drives becoming corrupted. As for making your PC faster you might want to try turning off some of your processes in order to speed up your Processor.

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