Does anyone know for sure if the multiplier wire unlock trick shown on
will work for the 400MHZ FSB Bartons (the XP 3000+ or 3200+). I have both in different puters, but with the same MB (Epox 8RDA+pro), and it is a real PITA to unmount the old Alpha PAL8045 HS's only to find out it only works on 333FSB CPU's. Try as I might, no one appears to have tried it definitively on any of the OCer boards. Just trying to eek a bit more performance for a while before upgrading to a whole new FX2 system in an few (+) months. I can FSB OC them easily 300 MHZ, but then I can't run the memory 1:1. I'd rather up the multi to what they can do, and push the RAM as long as I stay 1:1. Thanks