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Thread: Socket 754 or 939?

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    Default Socket 754 or 939?

    I need to build a PC based on AMD of course. Which cpu socket is the way to go, 754 or 939?
    Is it fair to compare Semprons and Athlon 64? Is a Sempron 3400+ equivalent to an Athlon 64 3200+ since both have same clock speeds and cache size? What about Turions? I heard they beat everything and only requires half the watts.

    Is it better to have a 1 MB L2 cache than 512 KB even if the latter has higher clock speed?

    For the CPUs with 1 GHz Hypertransport, I assume that's the fsb, will I need to overclock a DDR400 to 500 MHz to it's Nsync with the fsb.

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    Default Re: Socket 754 or 939?

    Socket 939 is the way to go if you build now. Semprons are out of the question with that in mind. It will only be a few months if you want to wait for socket AM2.

    A higer clock speed is generally better than a higher cache size, however that's not taking overclocking into consideration.

    The 1GHz Hypertransport is not the same thing as FSB. Athlon 64s do not have a front-side bus. They have a high-speed chip-to-chip interconnect, which can be used to connect the CPU to a number of things, including the memory controller, thereby eleminating the front-side bus. As far as overclocking goes, you overclock the "base-clock" which will be seen in the BIOS (and referred to by people) as HTT or FSB. However when you increase it, the hypertransport bus does get it's speed increased, which means significant overclocking requires you change its multiplier to 4x or 3x.

    As far as RAM, there's no real penalty to running it async with the HTT. It helps to have it faster, but it's not as necessary as with socket A or as helpful as with socket 478.

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