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Thread: amd xp vs turion vs centrino

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    Default amd xp vs turion vs centrino

    So, Ive scoured the net and havent yet found the answer to my question. Im looking to buy a laptop for gaming while Im on the road. Battery life is not as much of a concern as performance, as I am usually plugged in anyway. My question is what is the best of the three for gaming?

    What is best for gaming performance between the turion MT-30, centrino 1.7, or the AMD 64 XP 3000+ ? How drastic/neglegable are the performance differences?

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    Default Re: amd xp vs turion vs centrino

    all i really know is that the amd 64 3000 is a really nice proccesor

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    Default Re: amd xp vs turion vs centrino

    Pentium Ms are on par, or faster than desktop AMD-FX processors, clock for clock. I just got a 7202 3d '05 score with my XPS2 2.0ghz w/7800GTX.

    On a side note, Centrino is not a processor, it's a specification which requires a P-M CPU, 855 or greater chipset, and Intel pro wireless cards. It helps save battery life by turning off certain peripherals and only using the portions of the chip that are required.

    For gaming, you really need to get a good graphics card, get the best you can afford as many laptops are not upgradeable. I suggest at least a 7800, the GTX would be better.
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    Default Re: amd xp vs turion vs centrino

    Go the amd 3000 chip dude - better for games and more 'chunk' for your money as far as I know.. =D
    Also yeah, try to get the best graphix card you can with yer laptop. In budget of course..!

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    Default Re: amd xp vs turion vs centrino

    ive got an A64 3000 with a ATI9600 mobile graphics chip in my laptop and it works unbelievablely well in games. i cant comment about the other processors though
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