hey guys,
im gonna make this short.orange asked me in a thread before this"whats the diff between the opty64 and athlon 64,s?"before i comment please keep in mind this is NOT thread for ppl to flame each others chips etc.with that said plz do not respond with rude comments on others cpus etc.now on to the topic of opty64 and athlon 64,s.all optys single or dual have 1mb or 2mb(dual core) level 2 cache with supposdly higher grade of silicone in the fab process when making there chips.both were meant for rock solid stability as the athlons 64,s were for home pcs the optys again were meant for the server apps.somewere along the line more and more ppl started to try and have great success in overclocking the opteron chips.i first tried a opty buy trying a opty 148 and hitting 3 gig on air(temps very hi tho before my water setup).this same opty hung with my older 3700 san diego but both ran identical performance wise.keep in mind that both chips had 1mb l2 cache but the opty was $100 less.some say there is no diff with cache sizes but i think the more cache the better.the bottom line is this.there is a all out war on who is cheaper,faster with intel\amd more then ever now with so many socket changes going on.we as end users should be very happy with this said and u can see deals like 3800x for $166(wow!)and single core optys for as little as $100(wow again!).there is really no better or worse being there all crazy fast matched with the right surrounding components matched up to these cpus.if anyone here is on the fence on what to chip to buy plz respond to this thred and i will help u.