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Thread: What CPU and mainboard?

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    Default What CPU and mainboard?

    I'll be ordering parts for a new system again. Not sure if I wanna go with a higher end system or just a good value that will be great for gaming. some things I do know that I'd like the system to do is run Vista well when it comes around and I'd need the mainboard to support SLI.
    What CPU and mainboard should I be looking at for a higher end but still a great value?
    Whats top of the line right now?
    Whats the best overclocking bet?
    Whats the best bang for the buck?

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    Default Re: What CPU and mainboard?

    At this point in time you should make the move to Intel if you haven't done so already. Their Core 2 Duo line is simply the top performer for the money. There are a lot of motherboards to choose from for this project, so you can find several that have the features and price you are looking for. If you're looking for great performance, the Intel 975/965 based chipsets are tried and true and overclock exceedingly well. The newest nVidia 680 chipset has begun making some waves, but you'll be looking at a minimum of $250 for the low-end line of these boards.
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    Default Re: What CPU and mainboard?

    I'd go for a 680i board and a low-end Core 2 Duo. Use it until Core 2 Quadro comes down in price, and then upgrade.

    Don't worry about Vista. Until DirectX10 games come out (assuming you have a DirectX10 card), it won't really have any features you'll need. It actually hurts gaming performance significantly, at the moment.

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    Default Re: What CPU and mainboard?

    I think 680i is good and a low end C2D is a great bang for the buck option but are you an ATi fanboy or and AMD freak? I would definitely wait til the prices drop for DX10 cards and the 8900 or whatever comes out. the 680i also loks like a great overclocker, look at nVidia's website for all about it. I guess im just reiterating what Yawgm0th said but I think its a good thing to think.
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