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Thread: Processor choice - Need help

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    Question Processor choice - Need help

    I am working on a system for a relative. I have the possibility of two different processors. I am not sure which would be best. I have either a Pentium4 1.6 GHz or a Celeron 2.6GHz. Most of the stuff the computer will be for is ripping CDs, DVD backup, some minor graphics work, internet browsing, maybe a little DVD authoring.

    Which processor would be best. I have been out of the processor game for a while and I found comparing Pentiums to Celerons gets confusing.

    Any info would be great!


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    Default Re: Processor choice - Need help

    How come those are the choices?

    Early Pentium 4s, particularly sub-2GHz ones, run like dogs. A 2.6 Celeron is based off a newer Pentium 4 core, and although it has much less cache, it runs much faster in most applications. The work your describing is best done on high-clock speed processors, and P4 Celerons actually do okay on those.

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